McClint is an 80's style action/comedy that we intend to turn into a feature film.  If you enjoy the movie you can own it on DVD by going to www.serenathemovie.com and picking up a special edition Serena and The RATTS DVD.

Jim took some behind the scenes vids:


  1. This is a GREAT start to an EPIC Battle between Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, Guys with two eyes and guys without two eyes. I have no doubt that now that I have Shelly, Longhorne will go down and stay down for good this time. - John McCLint Great work on this Kevin and Evalena.

  2. F*** you, McClint. I can't see s*** now. I'll be back. Mark. My. Words. -Longhorne

  3. "A sweeping tale of revenge and counter-revenge that pits a disgraced ex-cop against a violent psychopath, McClint is the action-packed thrill ride that dares to ask how far a man will go when he has nothing to lose except everything he loves." -Roger Ebert. Or maybe it was Roper. I'll try to dig up the link. In the meantime, congratulations on a fantastic piece of work!