Serena and The RATTS gets distribution!


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New Experimental Short Film "Live Free" Released

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Comparing the Century Optics and Panasonic anamorphics

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Serena and The RATTS is Official Selection at LIFF

Our first film has found its way into its second film festival and we are elated!  This film has come a long way down a dark windy path but its pushing itself into the light of day and hopefully soon will connect with everyone that is interested in films that are challenging and unique.  Thanks to everyone for their support in our "little epic" passion project.

Click here to see the nice synopsis written by the festival, it seems they really understood our intentions for this film:  




Serena is Official Selection at Bare Bones Film Fest

We are proud to announce Serena's first film festival. Congratulations to our talented cast and crew. This is a testament to all your hard work, dedication and collaboration. A bottom of our heart thank you to our entire Serena team.

Here is a link to their website:


We've been nominated for:

Best Picture Action Drama
Best Picture Drama
Indie Auteur 2012 Kevin James Barry
Best Actress Evalena Marie



Serena gets a review on Rogue Cinema

Serena and The Ratts got a review on roguecinema.com
It seems the reviewer really understood what we were going for and how much we expected to accomplish with this film. These are some of my favorite parts:

"science fiction, the assassin genre and even some strange David Lynch style tastes of surreal horror"

"this is a movie that isn't interested in playing by the rulebook."

"Evalena Marie is an absolutely stunning girl, no question about it. a talented young actress who also has model-good-looks...a rare find indeed...."

"the promise of these young filmmakers tends to overshadow everything. Serena and the Ratts is a movie packed with energy and ideas"

Read the full article here: