Sony FS100

The Newest addition to the Horroble Pictures family is a Sony FS100. We had to sell our trusty EX1 in order to afford it but we got a pretty good deal on the FS100 from bhphoto.com used store.

There are some pretty big advantages and some disadvantages to the FS100. The advantages are primarily visual quality related and the disadvantages are mostly ergonomics.

Ergonomics are important but the trade off is worth it, in my opinion. Because at the end of the day all your left with is the shots you have. Nobody is going to care about my fond memories for the lovely time I had with my easy to handle and operate camera. They will only see how good the shot looks.

Now, handling the camera can affect how good the shot is especially if shooting handheld, you need the camera to be steady and intuitive to get the most fluid looking shots.

So, I have come up with a list of projects that I need to do to bring the FS100 back up to (and hopefully beyond) the handling standard I was use to with the EX1.

External monitor with articulating arm - The LCD screen on the FS100 is pretty nice, but its positioning on the camera is unfortunate in some circumstances.

ND filter - The FS100 has no built in ND filters, so I will need a solution for that. I'm thinking of picking up a fader ND until I build a matte box. This is not really a project but It does need to be addressed.

Top handle - The FS100 does not have a sturdy top handle, which may have already been a contributor to some damage cause to my anamorphic lens by trying to grab the camera as I was letting it down off my shoulder.

Ratcheting hand grip - The EX1 had a hand grip that would change positions with the push of a button. The FS100 needs to be unscrewed and re tightened. This is slow and makes shooting while changing positions drastically difficult.

Focus assist - The focus assist on the EX1 was on the hand grip, leaving your left hand free to focus while zoomed in. The FS100 button in on the camera on the left side. I need to be able to access it with the right hand for it to be effective for run and gun style shooting.

Shoulder mounted rig, hand grips, counter weight - The FS100 is very light weight and small and needs a rig to keep it steady.

Matte Box - This would be bonus. I didn't have one on the EX1 but as long as I'm making stuff I might as well. Should help with the lack of ND filters also.

Follow Focus - Also bonus.

I'm starting off a bit of an advantage with this project list because I did not sell my Brevis adapters rails system with the EX1. So I get to start of with rails and build it up from there.

I will be documenting these projects on the Rig Project Page as I progress.

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  1. Helped me this review as I am also going to buy one.Joe From Kerala,India